Four natural antidepressants

Depression is a malady that affects around 14.8 million American adults. This represents about 6.7% of the total population. There are many situations that cause depression in people. Lack of personal safety, sentimental relationships, fear of the unknown, political pressure, and many other situations, usually combined, can get the best of person´s emotions and make them more susceptible to a depressive state. 

Doctors prescribe the usual medications: Prozac and Zoloft. The issue with these is that they have some unwanted side-effects.  There are more natural ways of beating depression.  By using natural antidepressants, you ensure a healthier life without the unwanted side effects.

  1. S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe).  This compound is naturally occurring and is found in every cell in the body.  This substance has been tested on people with depression in over 23,000 subjects. It has shown to work to greatly reduce depression.  Studies also suggest that it takes significantly less time to cure depression.  SAMe is produced as a supplement and is readily available in counters across the United States. However, a doctor should be consulted if it is to be taken.  It is not advised to take it with other serotonin boosting medications.
  2. Tryptophan is an amino acid and is a precursor of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.  Not only has tryptophan being found effective at treating patients with depression but it can also be used for the treatment of some health disorders.  It has been used in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, ADHD, seasonal affective disorder, and memory loss.
  3. St. John´s wort. This is a popular and widely-used treatment for depression.  Studies have concluded that it is effective for the treatment of mild and acute depressions. 
  4. Exercise.  A 30-minute walk or run is guaranteed to treat depression effectively.  It is actually a great way to treat depression since studies have shown that regular exercise increases the levels of serotonin, lifting up a person’s mood.



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